Contractor License #67784


Derek Van Mol

President and Founder

Derek Van Mol, born and raised in Nashville, has been building one thing or another for as long as he can remember. Starting with his first skateramp at age 11, he’s taken on countless special projects that have transformed rooms, outdoor areas and even an entire house into beautiful living and gathering spaces.

Secure in his belief that when you discover what you love to do, you should spend your time doing it, Derek left a successful career in communications and high-tech IT services to obtain his general contractor’s license. Parlaying his business experience, love of travel and adoration for all things Nashville he found his niche and VMR is now a thriving renovation business.

What truly sets Derek apart? A unique blend of Southern charm grounded in practical values and an innovative perspective on design. He is influenced by his frequent travels to places like New York City, where he gathers inspiration from galleries, museums and trendy boroughs steeped in design culture. Along with his background in audio/visual work, Derek is uniquely positioned to help clients realize their visions. He has an innate ability to integrate standout design elements and high-tech experiential touches that enhance one’s enjoyment of their home — all scaled to fit the practicality of a realistic budget.

Derek approaches every project with the same enthusiasm that inspired his own renovations, working with his clients to make it highly personal.