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“Music City Spotlight” – Nashville Lifestyles

Derek Van Mol started his business with one sole purpose: turning houses into homes. After identifying Nashville as a booming area for home improvement over five years ago, Van Mol decided that helping families put personal touches and visions on their homes would be his new company’s sole mission. From there, Van Mol Restoration was born. Within weeks, a logo was created, a website launched, and a handful of word-of-mouth clients started the foundation of his now-thriving business. As his portfolio thickens with more before-and-after scenarios, it all makes the risk worthwhile despite the long hours and high stakes that come with being an entrepreneur.

Derek is a Nashville native and takes great pride in calling this growing market home. While his company offers renovations, additions, new construction, outdoor living spaces, and homebuyer consulting, he says being a company owner is secondary to the success he feels when he drives down a Nashville street and imagines a meal or gathering taking place in the kitchen or backyard of a home he saw through from the beginning phases to completion. The dust from construction will settle, but he knows the memories being made under those roofs and between those walls are for a lifetime.

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